​Real Estate  |  Marketing  |  Development 

Real Estate
Represent Buyers, Sellers, and Tenants, in commercial and residential real estate negotiations and transactions, including:

  • Major Asset and Portfolio Sales
  • Corporate and Investment 
  • Commercial and Industrial
  • Land and Development
  • Residential

Our services include: searching for suitable holdings, representation, assistance with due diligence (analysis), negotiations, marketing and sales.

Project Marketing and Sales

  • Market review & analysis
  • Develop project marketing and sales strategies 
  • Implement plan

Property Management

Provide professional property management services for:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Investment
  • Residential

Project Management
Provide effective project leadership to assist with:

  • Preparation of business case
  • Selection of a project team (design consultants and contractors)
  • Monitoring project deliverables, scope, budget, and schedule

As part of your team, our project marketing and sales services are integrated into the delivery of you project.